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Watch this video and more on misfitmethod movement

Watch this video and more on misfitmethod movement

45 min Lifted w/ Amber | feb 19th 2021

misfitmethod 35-45 minute classes • 53m

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  • 45 min Classical w/ Trilby

    Inspired by the movement of Ballet, Modern and JAZZ, all rolled up into one fluid class. A strong focus on feet, ankles and calves, with a whole lot of glutes and leg work to stabilize. Arms are added to help connect to your inner dancer!

  • 45 min Powerful w/ Trilby

    Upper body work with and without weights throughout this class. Long creative sequences plays on strength and stability work for arms, shoulders, upper back and the core graceful dance like arm sequences. Props: optional squish ball and weights.

  • 35 min HOT w/ Trilby

    Strength work sneaks into dance sequences as this class turns up the heat. Cardiovascular and respiratory work mirrors strength and stability.