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  • 15 min nervous system wind down | april 3rd 2021

    think of this as a movement nap – we'll tap into deep rest and relaxation in a series of shapes designed to calm and soothe. perfect for moments in your day when you need a nap or reset, or before bed to wind down.

  • 30 min gentle movement ~ STRENGTH

    tender yet strengthening movements with lots of variations offered that focus on core, glute & upper body. A gentle option for elder bodies, those in recovery, pregnant bodies, or anybody seeking some slow and mindful movement. Optional props: squish ball or yoga block, pillow, chair

  • 23 min tension unravel w/ Trilby

    a flush for the muscles, fascia & joints – perfect for a break from the desk, a warmup for a run, a morning flush while your coffee is brewing, or an evening wind down. No props required – towel for under the knees if sensitive is a nice addition, and comfy clothes are encouraged :)

  • 30 min gentle movement ~ HEART

    a tender approach to waking and warming the body with dance-inspired sequences set to feel-good rhythms. Tapping into JOY. Intended for those seeking gentle, no-impact movement – ideal for older bodies, recovering bodies, and any body seeking a tender lift of the heart. Optional prop: chair for s...