yin to yang | a week of movement

yin to yang | a week of movement

join us for a week of movement to shifts from low to high
we begin with soothing, untangling, grounding sequences
and each day build the intensity and heat
to support you, gently, in building resilience, stamina and strength

begin the 7 day journey whenever it calls
which will grant you access to the experience for 7 days

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yin to yang | a week of movement
  • 25 min beach stretch with Amber

    Soothing shapes and sequences to make you feel GOOD. For all levels, no props required.

  • 25 min Released w/ Amber

    Take time to tune in and soften. Inspired to cultivate a tender practice that allows for flowing, active stretching, self-massage and mindful breath.

  • 25 min Cheeky w/ Amber

    A Pilates class designed to build strength in the lower body through lots of glute WERK! Think hip rolls, dips, lifts and squats.

  • 30 min Core Connection w/ Amber | nov 29th 2021

    deep activation of the abdominals, stoking the inner fire to cultivate a feeling of being held.

  • 50 min Shifted w/ Amber

    This class brings out ALL the feels, offering an opportunity to SHIFT the energy within and sweat out what no longer serves. The first half of class filled with intentional intensity – jumping jacks, climbers and fluid, dance-like movement to get the sweat pouring. Cool and calm with some gentle ...

  • 55 min Physical w/ Amber

    Movement for pleasure and joy!!!! Jazzercise, Dance class and grapevines to feed the heart. Music encourages full body movement, fun sequences to get your heart rate up and sweat ON.

  • 60 min Fusion w/ Amber | march 28th 2021

    A Mindful connection is necessary as the high pace of this class requires full attention. Moving and flowing shapes inspired by Yoga, Pilates and dance as this class flows into one long sequence.