tools for longevity, grace & joy

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  • 10 min Breathwork w/ Amber

    play with alternate nostril breathing to calm, recalibrate and balance.

  • 3 tools to support digestion & nutrient integration w/ Trilby

    let's dive into 3 simple, free and accessible tools to support your digestion. It's not what you eat but what you digest – we want to be supporting the absorption of nutrients which we can do with the support of these small yet impactful techniques.

  • 7 min meditation & breath to alchemize emotions

    Get cozy and practice using the breath to shift your emotional state. Fear and love cannot exist at once; and with so many emotions rooted in fear, we can use conscious breathing to alchemize fear into love through the power of intention and presence.

  • the art of gratitude & meditation

    we explore the most effective way to infuse a gratitude practice into your life to support prosocial neuro circuits & finish with a practice of two techniques.

  • 3 ways to balance your blood sugar w/ Trilby

    blood sugar maintenance is critical to regulating our energy, inflammation, mood and sleep quality, among so many other things! Here we discuss 3 simple tools to try to help prevent blood sugar spikes, in an effort to promote insulin sensitivity and promote longevity.

  • 3 tools to elevate your immune system through sleep

    learn about how sleep affects our immunity and three things we can do to support our immune system & improve sleep quality.

  • the benefits of nose breathing w/ Trilby

    trilby shares the immune, metabolic and sleep benefits of breathing consciously through the nose.