0-9 minute classes

0-9 minute classes

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0-9 minute classes
  • Pre bed Meditation w/ Trilby

    a soothing meditation to lull you to sleep.

  • 5 min Invigorating Breathwork w/ Trilby

    Tune in when you need a reboot for your body, energy and mind. A guided stimulating breathwork practice to elevate your state.

  • 7 min meditation & breath to alchemize emotions

    Get cozy and practice using the breath to shift your emotional state. Fear and love cannot exist at once; and with so many emotions rooted in fear, we can use conscious breathing to alchemize fear into love through the power of intention and presence.

  • simple breath technique to flush out stress

    a simple breath pattern that clears CO2 from the body, helping reduce stress and evoke a feeling of calm. Can be done any time, any place when you need a moment.

  • lymphatic massage | for clarity & calm w/ Trilby

    take a moment & gift yourself a soothing, simple and nourishing lymphatic massage; do it in bed when you wake or fall asleep, or any time midday when you want a moment to ground and connect. Lymphatic massage is one of the best and most accessible tools for getting our lymph flowing and therefore...

  • 9 min to aliven w/ Trilby

    spinal twists, shoulder mobilization and breathwork to elevate your mood and clear out the cobwebs

  • 8 mins to cultivate energy w/ Trilby

    we play with breathwork & some movement to stir things up and get the channels open for more flow and clarity – perfect mid afternoon pick me up

  • 6 minutes breathwork to calm w/ Trilby

    3 breathing techniques to reset the nervous system & activate rest and digest; can be done any time of the day where you crave a moment of peace.

  • 8 min Grounding Meditation w/ Trilby

    a short meditation to feel grounded and peaceful; a reset for the mind/body/soul. Optional props: blanket or pillow or squish ball.

  • 6 min Spinal Flush w/ Amber

    6 minutes to flush out tension, tightness and toxin from the spinal channel