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  • 30 min ELEVATE w/ Amber

    Experience a dynamic workout that engages your entire body, starting with lunges and squats intertwined with upper body movements. Transition seamlessly into a graceful and sensual dance sequence, allowing your body to move freely and expressively. Finally, conclude with a soothing yoga-inspired...

  • 30 min BE LIFTED w/ Amber

    To feel lifted from the inside out, the aim is to balance the body. Working upper and lower body equally, with emphasis on building core strength. A great introduction to the MISFITMETHOD, featuring signature method moves and sequences that will leave you feeling more open, stronger and a little ...

  • 30 min SPINAL FLUSH w/ Amber

    Enjoy this soothing sequence designed to mobilize and flush out the spine to stand taller and more open.

  • 30 min GET RELEASED w/ Amber

    Take time to tune in and soften. Inspired to cultivate a tender practice that allows for flowing, active stretching, self-massage and mindful breath.

  • 30 min GET SHIFTED w/ Amber

    This class brings out ALL the feels, offering an opportunity to SHIFT the energy within and sweat out what no longer serves. The first half of class filled with intentional intensity – sweeps, reaches, step taps, climbers and fluid, dance-like movement to get the sweat pouring. Cool and calm with...

  • 30 min BE LENGTHENED w/ Amber

    Combining standing shapes, lateral openings and deep full body stretches, this class offers a creative way to open you up. Nourish the entire body by breathing slow, moving intentionally and consciously releasing tension that can build within.

  • 30 min BE BARRE w/ Amber

    The MISFIT take on a barre class. Your body will work with fun flowing dance-like movement interwoven throughout. Think calf-raises, squats, wide plies, and core at the barre

  • 30 min GET PHYSICAL w/ Amber

    Movement for pleasure and joy!!!! Jazzz, dance class vibes and grapevines to feed the heart. Music encourages full body movement, fun sequences to get your heart rate up and sweat ON.

  • 30 min GET HOT w/ Amber

    Strength work sneaks into dance sequences as this class turns up the heat. Cardiovascular and respiratory work mirrors strength and stability.