misfitmethod 16-30 minute classes

misfitmethod 16-30 minute classes

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misfitmethod 16-30 minute classes
  • 30 min Released w/ Trilby

    Take time to tune in and soften. Inspired to cultivate a tender practice that allows for flowing, active stretching, self-massage and mindful breath.

  • 30 min Core Connection w/ Trilby

    a 30 min core focused class with a misfitmethod twist, with lots of dynamic sequencing to stoke the inner fire and mobilize the spine. Optional prop: squish ball.

  • 30 min Lifted w/ Trilby

    To feel lifted from the inside out, the aim is to balance the body. Working upper and lower body equally, with emphasis on building core strength. A great introduction to the MISFITMETHOD, featuring signature method moves and sequences that will leave you feeling more open, stronger and a little ...

  • 30 min Lower Body & Core Zing w/ Trilby

    a 30 min focused class designed to invigorate your body from the ribcage down. we'll explore three dimensional work for the core, and lots of lower body sequences that build connection with the inner thighs and glutes to promote knee health & stamina. Optional prop: Squish ball or yoga block or book

  • 30 min ARMS! w/ Trilby

    a 30 min upper-body focus class with a misfitmethod twist, with lots of dynamic sequencing for your upper-half. this class is on-demand for wheneva whereva (no livestream!)

  • 30 min Core Connection w/ Trilby

    30 minutes to light up the system of the core. Optional prop: squish ball

  • 30 min Open w/ Amber

    30 mins to slow down
    open up
    and recalibrate
    through stretch shapes inspired by yoga

  • 30 min Glute Zing w/ Trilby

    30 minutes to wake + warm the lower half to feel the hum and buzz of deep glute connection. Optional prop: squish ball

  • 30 min Shifted w/ Amber

    Ballistic, cardiovascular aerobic movements where sweat and release is INTENTIONAL.
    Shifting into calm, mindful cooling and calming YIN movement for the remainder of the hour class. Dance, Pilates, Energetic release, Cathartic release.
    Prepare to sweat
    With a few elements of surprise
    Movement as ...

  • 30 min Fusion w/ Amber

    Cathartic Release
    Rooted in Yoga, Informed by Pilates, Inspired by Dance, constant movement. A physical journey allowing a shift to occur from the inside out
    Through vigorous movement, choreographed sequences, strength work and sound vibration a spiritual connection occurs

  • 30 min Fusion Barre w/ Amber

    The MISFITMETHOD take on a barre class. Your body will work with fun flowing dance-like movement interwoven throughout. Think calf-raises, squats, wide plies, and abs at the barre!

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