10-15 minute classes

10-15 minute classes

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10-15 minute classes
  • 14 min Core & Glutes w/ Trilby

    A spicy sequence for the core and lower body, with an optional band integration for more zing.

  • 14 min Lower Body Zing w/ Trilby

    A lower body focused sequence with an optional loop band.

  • 13 min evening unwind w/ Trilby

    a soothing mini class to get you ready for slumber, or for when you're craving movement but something tender and easeful. Optional props: 2 blocks.

  • 15 min morning flush w/ Trilby

    Clear out the joints and any dense energy with this feel-good flow. We tend to all of our major joints to feel a gentle alivening and spaciousness in the body. No props required.

  • 14 min core & glutes w/ a squisher w/ Trilby

    intermediate advanced core & glute activation – optional squish ball or rolled up towel for a prop.

  • 14 min glute & core zing w/ Trilby

    a challenging & satisfying sequence for deep core connection & glute activation! no props required.

  • 10 min Breathwork w/ Amber

    play with alternate nostril breathing to calm, recalibrate and balance.

  • 15 min core connection & squisher w/ Trilby

    this is a quick and FIERY activation for the abdominals with the integration of a squish ball. take pause when it calls and enjoy this deep dive into what it feels to stoke the internal fire and build deep connection.

  • 15 min full body floss & restore w/ Trilby

    Think of this as a midday pick-me-up – we get into the joints, untangle physical knots, breathe deep, play with pranayama and close with a restorative, self soothing technique. Optional prop: yoga block.

  • 10 min to tend to our joints

    our joints are like bends in a river; they can collect debris and become stuck, leading to stagnation and a lack of flow of energy through the body. This little practice targets the toes, ankles, hips, spine, shoulders and wrists and will leave you feeling more alive, rinsed out and open.

  • 12 min Glute & Core Zing w/ Trilby

    we use an optional squish ball to build a quick fire & awakening for the glutes, hamstrings and deep abdominals; a moment to connect to breath and body and reset the tone for your day.

  • 15 min Breath Meditation w/ Amber

    to ground, connect and feel held.

  • 10 min Breath Meditation w/ Amber

    a mini meditation ft. breathwork to balance the nervous system and calm the mind.

  • 15 min nervous system wind down | april 3rd 2021

    think of this as a movement nap – we'll tap into deep rest and relaxation in a series of shapes designed to calm and soothe. perfect for moments in your day when you need a nap or reset, or before bed to wind down.

  • 14 min Heart & Glute Zing w/ Trilby

    quick & fiery to elevate the heart rate and aliven the lower body. enjoy a nice FLUSH of endorphins as you build heat from the inside out. no props required

  • 12 min Core Connection w/ Trilby

    a warming mini core class to build a fire deep within. props: optional squish ball

  • 11 min Lateral Clearing w/ Amber

    take 10 mins to consciously clear out old stagnant energy that can sometimes creep in
    feel the body open to newness

  • 10 min Upper Body Jolt w/ Amber

    10 minutes to strengthen and challenge the upper body
    get a little glisten on while connecting to powerful internal strength

  • 12 min FLOW w/ Amber

    a 12 min full body sequence to open, stretch and connect to the systems of the body

  • 11 min FLOW w/ Amber

    a stretch based fluid 11 minute sequence to flush the body slow the breath calm the heart

  • 15 min Upper Body Flow w/ Amber

    take 11 minutes to tap into strength and resilience by moving the body through a graceful and challenging sequence

  • 14 min Core & Glute Zing w/ Amber

    14 minutes to cultivate energy for your power center
    core connection and deep glute work create a buzz in the body

  • 12 min Core Connection w/ Amber

    waking and warming the system of the core; no props necessary

  • 15 min Lengthened w/ Amber

    This is the way your body wants to move
    Combining standing shapes, lateral openings and deep full body stretches
    A creative way to open you up, nourish the entire body
    breathe slow, move intentionally
    release the physical body to connect to the emotional body
    learn how to soothe yourself WITH yo...